4D and 5D BIM Services: Construction scheduling and budgeting

Explore the efficiency of 4D and 5D BIM services in construction management. Our 4D BIM technology offers a clear view of your project's timeline, improving scheduling accuracy. 5D BIM adds cost estimation, keeping budgets on track. These tools enhance project planning, ensuring timely and within-budget completion.

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

VDC is revolutionising the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. By leveraging digital technology, VDC allows for the creation, analysis, and modification of building models in a virtual space. This approach enhances precision in project planning and execution, reducing errors and unforeseen costs. Key aspects of VDC include 3D modeling, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and advanced simulation techniques.

These tools enable stakeholders to visualize the entire project lifecycle, from initial design to final construction, fostering better decision-making and collaboration. VDC's integration of technology streamlines the construction process, leading to more efficient project management and a significant reduction in time and resources spent.

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Design and Specification

Digital Construction Technology

Virtual Project Collaboration


Construction Project Management


BIM dimensions

Building Information Modeling (BIM) encompasses multiple dimensions, each adding a layer of complexity and utility to the construction process. It starts with 3D BIM, the most familiar form, which provides a detailed geometric representation of the physical characteristics of a building. Moving beyond this, 4D BIM introduces the element of time, linking project schedule data to the model for improved timeline management. 5D BIM further expands by integrating cost information, allowing for real-time budget tracking and cost analysis.


4D BIM, or four-dimensional building information modeling, is a transformative approach in construction project management, integrating the 3D BIM model with time-related information. This dimension of BIM extends beyond the physical and aesthetic aspects of a project, bringing in the critical component of time or schedule. With 4D BIM, construction sequences and timelines are visually represented, allowing project teams to plan and visualize every phase of the construction lifecycle more effectively.

Project Planning

Leverage 4D BIM for comprehensive sequencing of construction activities, correlating each phase to the digital model for an informed overview.

Construction Scheduling

Utilise dynamic scheduling capabilities to streamline project timelines, ensuring efficient progress and resource allocation.

Space Management

Proactive space allocation, ensuring that construction activities have the necessary room to proceed according to plan.

Risk Mitigation

Anticipates and mitigates potential scheduling conflicts and logistical bottlenecks, safeguarding project timelines.


5D BIM enhances construction project management by fusing cost data with the traditional 3D model and the temporal dynamics of 4D BIM. This model enriches BIM's scope to include financial elements, empowering stakeholders to conduct precise cost estimations and budget oversight across the project's duration.

Within the 5D BIM framework, cost variables are interwoven with the building model, facilitating real-time financial analysis as the project progresses. This ensures immediate reflection of any design or schedule adjustments in the financial forecast and provides a holistic financial perspective. It equips professionals with the ability to visualise the fiscal impact of each decision, allowing for budget adjustments as needed.

LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition

Cost Estimation

Automates the process of cost estimation by leveraging the data within the BIM model for materials, labor, and timeline projections.

Real-time Costing

Updates cost estimates automatically with every design change, ensuring that budget evaluations are current and accurate.

Value Engineering

Assists stakeholders in examining the cost effects of various design options, fostering informed decision-making.

Budget Tracking

Facilitates ongoing monitoring of the budget, helping to ensure that the project remains within financial parameters.


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