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Rebar Detailing Services

We Provide professional Rebar detailing services for the structural engineering industry. We provide rebar concrete shop drawings, rebar estimation, 3d modeling, bar bending schedules, masonry wall detailing, retaining wall detailing services.


Rebar detailing involves interpreting designs, creating detailed drawings for rebar placement, size, and shape, and preparing bending schedules. This process ensures accurate fabrication and installation, maintaining structural integrity and compliance with building codes.

In rebar detailing, we analyse structural designs, create precise rebar shop drawings and bending schedules, and ensure accurate fabrication and installation. Our coordinated approach ensures structural integrity, adherence to building codes, and optimised material usage.

Rebar Detailing

Reinforced Concrete

Structural Integrity

Bar Bending Schedules

Tensile Strength


Rebar Shop Drawings

Precision-engineered rebar shop drawings form the backbone of our detailing services, ensuring every steel reinforcement is crafted to perfection, aligning with architectural and structural plans within the BIM environment.


Bar Bending Schedules

Our bar bending schedules are meticulously crafted, providing clear directives for rebar shape, dimensions, and bending angles, ensuring no detail is overlooked for architects and MEP professionals.


Retaining Walls Detailing

Specialised in detailing for retaining walls, our services ensure stability and strength, integrating seamlessly with the overall BIM strategy to support architects and MEP professionals in their designs.


Grade beam Detailing

Detailing for grade beams is done with precision, considering the load-bearing requirements to ensure structural integrity and proper integration within the BIM framework.


Masonry Detailing

We provide detailed masonry layouts that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern BIM practices, tailored to support the precise needs of architects and MEP professionals.


Footing Detailing

Our footing detailing services emphasise a solid foundation, delivering comprehensive plans that ensure stability and are designed to mesh with the BIM environment’s detailed workflow.


Quantity take-offs

Accurate quantity take-offs are essential for budgeting and procurement. Our experts deliver detailed analyses, aligning material needs with project plans in the BIM context.


Foundation Detailing

With a focus on the project's base, our foundation detailing services ensure every aspect is accounted for, offering architects and MEP professionals a reliable basis within the BIM environment.

Rebar Detailing

Importance of Rebar Detailing in Construction

Rebar detailing is crucial in construction for ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of buildings, reducing costs through accurate material estimation, enhancing safety especially in seismic zones, and improving construction efficiency with clear plans and schedules.

LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition

Rebar Placement

Rebar Sizing

Construction Safety

Construction Safety


Tension Device

Structural Drawings

Rebar Modeling


Structural Analysis

Construction Planning

Material Estimation

Steel Reinforcement

Reinforcement Detailing

Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)

Advanced Rebar Engineering

Precision Detailing for Structural Integrity

Rebar detailing is pivotal in construction, ensuring structural integrity with precise rebar placement and sizing. Our shop drawings and schedules integrate seamlessly into BIM workflows, optimizing material use and reinforcing construction planning for project excellence.


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