LiDAR Scan to BIM

LiDAR scan point cloud to BIM: Precision 3D Modeling Services

Seamlessly Converting LiDAR Scans into Detailed, Accurate BIM Models: Bridging the Gap Between Reality Capture and Digital Design.


Our LiDAR to BIM service encompasses capturing high-precision scans, converting them into detailed 3D models, and ensuring accuracy in design and planning. We offer comprehensive data analysis, model integration, and collaborative support, aligning with project specifications and delivering top-tier, BIM-compliant outputs for diverse construction and architectural needs.

BIM Manpower (Resourcing)

Leverage our pool of skilled BIM professionals to elevate your project's efficiency and precision. From experienced modelers to strategic managers, our BIM manpower services provide the expertise and support needed for exceptional project execution and management, ensuring successful outcomes in construction and design.

Strategic Advice & Implementation

OIR-AIR-EIR Management

BIM Execution Planning (BEP)

PAS1192 & ISO19650 Compliance

Why Scan to BIM

Exploring the Essentials of Scan to BIM

Harness the potential of Scan to BIM, where LiDAR and photogrammetry capture accurate building details, creating data-rich 3D BIM models. Essential for modern construction, this process ensures precision in design, renovation, and maintenance, bridging physical spaces with digital accuracy for smart architectural solutions.

Detailed Photogrammetric Mapping

Advanced 3D BIM Modeling

Strategic Construction and Renovation Planning

Comprehensive Building Information Management

Accurate Spatial Measurement and Documentation

Digital Twin Creation and Implementation

Collaborative Project Coordination and Management

Lifecycle Building Maintenance and Management

The LiDAR to BIM Conversion Process


Data Acquisition

The Data Acquisition phase involves deploying advanced LiDAR or photogrammetry technology to meticulously capture the physical attributes of a structure, creating detailed point clouds that accurately represent the site’s spatial characteristics and architectural details for subsequent processing and 3D modeling.


Data Pre-processing

Data Pre-processing entails the careful refinement of raw scan data, filtering out noise and irrelevant information. This step ensures the creation of a clean, precise point cloud, which serves as a reliable foundation for constructing the accurate 3D model in the subsequent stages.


Point Cloud to Mesh Conversion

Point Cloud to Mesh Conversion involves transforming the refined point cloud data into a mesh model. This step converts discrete points into a continuous, detailed 3D mesh structure, creating a more tangible and manipulable representation of the scanned environment for further BIM development.


BIM Model Creation

BIM Model Creation is the process where the detailed 3D mesh is expertly integrated into a Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment. Here, the mesh is developed into a comprehensive BIM model, enriched with essential data layers like material specifications, structural details, and other relevant information, forming the basis for advanced design and planning.


Semantic Information Integration

Semantic Information Integration involves the meticulous embedding of relevant metadata into the BIM model. This includes details like material properties, cost estimates, environmental impact, and lifecycle data. This crucial step transforms the model from a mere visual representation into an intelligent, data-rich resource for informed decision-making in construction and facility management.


Quality Assurance and Verification

Quality Assurance and Verification is a critical step where the BIM model undergoes thorough checks for accuracy and completeness. This process ensures the model aligns with the physical structure and meets all project specifications. Any discrepancies are identified and rectified, guaranteeing the model's reliability for construction, planning, and management purposes.

LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition
LiDAR Based Data Acquisition


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