Case study
Case Study
Architecture & ID June 3, 2020

Dubai Opera Towers

We modeled and coordinated an extensive range of drawing packages for the prestigious Opera Towers project in Downtown Dubai, demonstrating our expertise in dealing with large-scale, complex architectural, structural, and facade modelling tasks. Faced with the challenge of coordinating 25 subcontractor packages and 20 engineering packages, we implemented a streamlined workflow managed by an expert BIM manager and eight package leads.


Being a Roads and Transport Authority project

We were commissioned for the prestigious Opera Towers project - a collection of luxury residential towers situated at the heart of the Opera District in Downtown Dubai. Our task involved working on various packages including architectural, structural, and facade modelling.


Upon stepping into the project, we faced an immediate challenge associated with the coordination of an extensive amount of drawing packages between the contractor and the lead consultant. We had to manage 25 subcontractor packages (coming from 19 different subcontractors), in addition to 20 engineering packages from the main contractor.

2 offices

Dubai and Chennai with bulk of modeling taking place in Chennai.


Architects and engineers at the peak across all packages.


Cost savings by leveraging outsourcing.

*Statistic derived by comparing average cost of onsite BIM coordinator in Germany with JES offshore BIM coordinators.

12 months

Project Duration across all packages excluding as built.

*Mobilisation time may vary, subject to availability of resources and ongoing projects.

Proposed Solution & Implementation

In order to streamline the process and facilitate efficient approvals for each deliverable, we assigned an expert BIM Manager to oversee eight different BIM Engineers or Package Leads. Each of these Package Leads was entrusted with a set number of subcontractor or contractor packages, promoting clear lines of responsibility and optimized workflows. This approach significantly reduced the complexities and traditional time delays commonly associated with coordinating multiple subcontractors, allowing for efficient drawing package approvals from the contractor, engineer, engineering manager, and client.
Furthermore, our BIM workflows played a crucial role in monitoring subcontractor performance. Our engineering experts were always ready to offer support and fix any arising issues, leveraging our collaborative BIM model to highlight potential clashes, constructability issues, or other design flaws, before proposing an effective solution.


The strategy we deployed helped in efficient coordination and streamlined approvals for each deliverable. We managed to reduce the complexities and time delays, ensuring efficient approvals from all stakeholders. Our proactive approach in managing subcontractor performance and resolving issues ensured the smooth execution of the project, aligning with the envisioned timelines and quality expectations.
The Opera Towers project stands testament to our ability to handle multiple BIM packages simultaneously and coordinate effectively with multiple stakeholders. Our strategic approach, clear lines of responsibility, and commitment to quality resulted in successful project execution.

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