BIM Modeling Services in 


At the crossroads of innovative designs, discover our unmatched BIM Services in Kuala Lumpur. Dive into Malaysia's rich architectural legacy combined with state-of-the-art precision, reflecting the dynamic pulse of Malaysian construction.

BIM Scope Outsourcing

Boost your projects with our unmatched BIM solutions in Kuala Lumpur. Meticulously curated to align with your aspirations, we blend expertise and creativity in delivering BIM services that resonate with Malaysia's construction ethos.

BIM Manpower (Resourcing)

Power up your BIM undertakings with our dedicated Malaysian brigade. From the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur to the hinterlands of Malaysia, our BIM savants offer holistic support, ensuring an agile, cost-effective, and seamless BIM journey.

Strategic Advice & Implementation

OIR-AIR-EIR Management

BIM Execution Planning (BEP)

PAS1192 & ISO19650 Compliance


Full service digital engineering bureau

Your gateway to cutting-edge, precision-crafted solutions in Malaysia. With a core focus on BIM, Digital Twins, and green consulting, we extend bespoke assistance to developers, builders, and design visionaries.



Outsourcing BIM Scope to Industry Experts

Elevate your architectural visions with expert BIM Outsourcing in Kuala Lumpur. Trust our seasoned mavericks to deliver unparalleled excellence in BIM modelling and sheet curation across diverse construction paradigms.

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Route 2020 BIM Services



Dedicated Offshore BIM resources

Enhance your BIM narratives by collaborating with our offshore BIM maestros. Drawing from a rich talent reservoir, our team promises to amplify your construction ambitions.

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We build partners not customers

In our journey, we've fostered strong alliances with industry frontrunners across Malaysia. Our commitment to excellence and collaborative growth sets us apart, cementing our stature in BIM Consultancy in Malaysia.

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BIM For Developers

Tailored BIM solutions to amplify your real estate vision. We cater to developers by ensuring meticulous planning and optimized returns on their landmark Malaysian ventures.

BIM For Design Consultants

Crafting the future with precision and innovation. We bridge the gap between architectural aspirations and reality, ensuring Malaysian design consultants transform visions into exceptional edifices.

BIM For Contractors

Efficiency meets precision in our BIM solutions tailored for Malaysian contractors. Dive into a realm of enhanced coordination, streamlined workflows, and impeccable project oversight.

BIM Execution Planning

Clash Resolution

GIS Mapping

BEP & ISO19650 Compliance

Analysis & Calculations

Fabrication Detailing

4D, 5D & 6D Simulations

Parametric Modelling

COBie Asset Data Embedding

Diverse 3D Modelling
Software Capabilities

Embrace the realm of 3D with our versatile tools tailored for the Malaysian market. Dive into detailed design exploration, championed by seasoned professionals.

Family Creation

Manifest intricate design components with finesse. Catering to both architectural and MEP sectors, we ensure harmonized integration within the Malaysian BIM environment.

4D, 5D, and 6D Simulation

Venture into the future of Malaysian construction with our immersive simulations. Experience the merger of time, cost, and sustainability, refining project outcomes

Detailing & Shop Drawings

Crafting intricate blueprints with an emphasis on precision. Experience detailed visualization, primed for efficient assembly and realization of Malaysian construction wonders.

Scan to BIM

Digitally immortalize your physical spaces. Leveraging state-of-the-art scanning, we convert real-world details into precise BIM models, reflecting Malaysia's architectural richness.

AutoCAD 2D to BIM 3D

Empower your designs by transitioning from 2D sketches to 3D realities. With our expertise, witness your projects come alive in line with Malaysia's construction evolution.

BIM for Facility Management

Optimize building operations in the Malaysian context. With our tailored BIM solutions, achieve operational efficiency, sustainable resource allocation, and robust facility management.

Quantity Take-offs & Bill of Materials

Optimize your resource allocation with precision. Our meticulous planning and documentation ensure material optimization, resonating with Malaysia's construction best practices.


Global engineering offices locations in India, UAE and Germany.


Globally diversified team BIM capable engineers and architects.


Cost savings by leveraging outsourcing.

*Statistic derived by comparing average cost of onsite BIM coordinator in Germany with JES offshore BIM coordinators.

1 week*

Rapid mobalisation in as little as 7 days.

*Mobilisation time may vary, subject to availability of resources and ongoing projects.

BIM Services

BIM Services 


Utilizing advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, Joseph Engineering Services (JES) offers top-tier BIM services in Malaysia, enhancing efficiency and precision in the construction sector. Our expertise ensures integrated coordination and sustainable project delivery, meeting the demanding requirements of Malaysia's dynamic construction landscape. JES is your trusted partner for BIM excellence, driving the digital transformation of building and design in Malaysia.

Architectural BIM Services in 


At the forefront of Malaysia's construction industry, our MEP BIM services are precision-engineered for excellence in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design. Through advanced BIM coordination, we facilitate the creation of efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable MEP systems tailored to the intricate needs of modern architecture in Malaysia. Experience the seamless integration of functionality and precision with our expert MEP BIM solutions, designed to propel your projects forward

Scan To BIM Services

Revit 3D Modeling

Design Development

As Built Drawings

Revit Family Creation

Construction Documentation

4D Scheduling

Interior Modelling

Architecture Drafting

MEP BIM Services  



Joseph Engineering Services (JES) is at the forefront of providing MEP BIM services in Malaysia, delivering meticulous and advanced solutions for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design. Our proficiency in BIM coordination brings to life efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable MEP systems that cater to the specific demands of architectural projects in Malaysia. Choose JES for MEP BIM services that ensure the seamless integration of functionality and precision in every construction endeavor

3D MEP Modeling

MEP Coordination

MEP Clash Detection

MEP Fabrication Drawing

MEP Shop Drawing

MEP Quantity Takeoff/Estimation

MEP 4D Scheduling

MEP As-built Documentation

MEP Systems Analysis

Structural BIM Services in 


Expertly crafted for Malaysia's architectural ambitions, our Structural BIM services ensure a resilient and robust framework for any construction project. Integrating state-of-the-art BIM technology, we deliver detailed structural insights, from concept to completion, enabling precise coordination and cost management. Our approach optimizes structural integrity, ensuring each project stands tall against the demands of both nature and innovative design in Malaysia

Structural Modeling

Design Analysis




4D Simulation

5D Estimation

As-Built Modeling


Infrastructure BIM Services in 


Our Infrastructure BIM services cater to the dynamic nature of Malaysia's urban development projects, ensuring precision and sustainability in the creation of roads, bridges, tunnels, and public utilities. We leverage the latest BIM technology to provide comprehensive planning, design, and management solutions that bring infrastructure visions to reality with unmatched efficiency and accuracy. Embrace the future of urban development with our BIM expertise, where complex infrastructure demands meet streamlined execution in Malaysia

Geospatial Analysis

Design Management


Construction Management

Asset Management

Sustainability Assessment

Rebar Detailing 




Our Malaysian Rebar Detailing Services offer precision, compliance with global standards, and BIM-integrated solutions for superior structural strength. Utilizing advanced software for detailed rebar drawings and schedules, we enhance construction efficiency and cost-effectiveness while minimizing material waste.







LiDAR Scan (Point Cloud) to BIM Services in 


Utilizing LiDAR scanning technology, we convert intricate point cloud data into precise BIM models, streamlining as-built documentation and retrofit projects throughout Malaysia. Our expertise in handling large-scale data captures the essence of Malaysia's complex structures, significantly improving design, planning, and construction workflows.


Point-Cloud Creation






BIM is at the core of what we do



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Fire Systems
Marsa Al Arab
ID & Joinery
Dubai Metro
Opera Towers
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